We Don’t Know – #OneHourSong


Wellllllllll.  Ok.  I took about a month off from doing the #OneHourSong.  This shows.  The following aren’t excuses, so much as things to ponder for the future in this creative series.  1. I took too much time off and got out of the groove of writing songs in one hour. 2. I took so much time off that I had a lot of musical ideas and thoughts to convey.  3. It was an off day.

Any combination of those could be true in some regard, or even more.  I wrote many more lyrics for this song than I was able to fit into the recording (you know, the entire 1 minute and 40 seconds of it).  But I got so bogged down on trying to come up with creative melodies and unique chord changes that time dwindled and before I knew it I only had three sections of the song.

Something that I have been wanting to explore more was making these songs a journey – which is challenging to do in an hour but, definitely doable.  Having more than just a verse, chorus and bridge and making them stand out, taking the listener somewhere else throughout the song.  But trying to do too much of this caused some time to be wasted and none of it happened.  While I’m genuinely happy with the three different sections of the song – I have more work to do on my time management of getting it all together.

So much to say about such a short song – I guess it’s a sign that I shouldn’t take a break anymore – every week baby, here I come!

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