Anne Newhall – #OneHourSong

Today’s #OneHourSong tells an observational story of Anne Newhall, a fictional painter who lives life moment to moment.  Inspired by Eleanor Rigby, the lyrics describe Anne’s life as she lives it in the present.

Also – I did a quick search and used a last name generator (haha) to find the name, Newhall :-p

Not going to lie – I was excited about the lyrics I wrote, but somewhere in the process the music escaped me.  If you talk to a professional creative this is why you need to create on a consistent basis.  Sometimes good things can happen – other times you can be underwhelmed.  At any rate, let me know what you think, and I’ll be back next week with a vengeance!


Anne Newhall

Softly and slowly she says with a smile, “I can’t understand the words you speak.

Not too loud, not too fast for a while.”  Every move that she makes is modest and meek

A dainty breakfast goes by after some time, just some fruit and granola fills her soul

A sip from the nectar of gods, so sublime, nothing else makes her feel so whole

Anne Newhall swings on her porch, hoping to take life day by day

She breathes in and out as her thoughts converge, because no one can take them away

With a pretty face and a dainty nose, Anne Newhall is one with herself

At night so early her eyes gently close, as her dreams softly come true as well

A painter by trade, Anne Newhall sees all the colors life is supposed to bring

The canvas, she says, makes herself free, for her, everyday is the first day of spring

A rich life she lives with her masterpiece, nothing to show for but that

Free and easy as she goes, Anne Newhall, a simple life at last.


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