This is My Moment – #OneHourSong

Today happens to be my 30th birthday and the theme of closing the door on something and opening it to another chapter rings throughout this song.  I wanted to create an anthemic song this week to belt out, and I’m quite happy with the results.  I spent quite a bit of time (more than usual) writing the lyrics (see below) to the piece and then even more time making sure I had the right melody and chord changes to match up with the words.  Because of this, the recording is pretty bare – just piano, vocals and drums with the occasional backing vocals.

I think this is a pretty good rough draft of what could eventually end up being a song – take a listen and let me know what you think!  As for me right now, I’m off to go get some steak and whiskey, turning 30 is rough work.


This is My Moment

Closing the door has never been an easy task, all too heavy and never quite enough to show

Saying goodbye can be hard to do but a warm hello is just as simple, too.

Never a need to look behind and see where you have been, look around you’ll miss it all my friend

Go ahead be angry at the dues you have to pay, but don’t come shouting to me as if to say…

This is my moment and it’s happening right now

This is my moment, not time to take a final bow

This is my moment, wanna spend it all with you

This is my moment, where everything comes true

Scary faces tell us what to look out for day, pay attention to them and you walk right through their door

This ones open for you though with your own name plate, gotta take it while it lasts, don’t tempt your own fate

After all the fireworks subside, time to pick it all back up, and knock it from inside

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