Something I Can’t Miss – #OneHourSong

Wooooo!  This was a fun one!  If you keep track of how I write these songs, you’ll notice an immediate difference with this one.  Today I started out writing the lyrics as I usually do, but I only wrote two verses.  Today I recorded these two verses a cappella because I had an idea for the melody in my head and I didn’t want it to be manipulated by putting chords down and trying to sing over the chords.  I think it let me be really vocally free and create a fun melody.  Back in the third or fourth #OneHourSong (this is the 29th, woot!) I realized I was laying down chords and not thinking about the melody of my lyrics at all – therefore I was basically singing the same melody over and over for the first two or three #OneHourSongs.  This a cappella route was just what the songwriting doctor ordered.

After I sang the two verses I noodled around and sang the chorus and then I laid down some pads and strings underneath.  Obviously I had to rerecord the vocals, because some things went out of tune with no idea what the chord changes would end up being, but overall I really like this piece.  I’m glad I had a lot of time to add a lot of fun brass lines and keep this song grooving.  I hope you enjoy!  Let me know what you think and feel free to share with your friends!


Something I Can’t Miss

Something’s got a hold on me I can’t say what it is, pure and sweet and soft as your gentle kiss

Put it away in the back of my mind I don’t know where to go, but I gotta say that all of your love is something I can’t miss

Something’s got a hold on me and it’s never letting go, take all of the love that’s bottled up and put it out to show

The smile in your eyes has a lot to share I don’t know what it is, but I gotta say that all of your love is something I can’t miss

All of your lovin, gotta give it to me right now

Don’t let a second pass us by its something I can’t miss

All of your lovin ain’t shaired with no one else

Because a love like this, darlin miss, is something I can’t miss

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