It’s Me – #OneHourSong


Before my weekly One Hour Song time slot on this particular Wednesday night, I was already churning up many ideas.  I had just listened to one of my favorite podcasts, Song Exploder, and heard Liz Phair describe how she wrote “Divorce Song” back in the 90s.  I had also had a text conversation who mentioned the peaks and valleys of life.  The music and lyrics definitely follow suite in this song, “It’s Me”.

I had the entire page filled with lyrics in only 7 minutes.  Nothing rhymed and I wasn’t really thinking rhythmically or melodically while writing them, so a large chunk of the hour was spent figuring out how to fit the lyrics into the riff I had written.  Then I decided – what the heck! Lets do the chorus at half time!  I wasn’t able to add as much flair (or should I say, Phlair, thank you, Liz) to this song as I would have liked, but I think the bare bones version speaks for itself.

Enjoy this on a day where you need an anthem like rock song to pick you up 🙂


It’s Me

When will I see the payoff pitch, I’ve gone through mountains and valleys

But mainly valleys with occasional hills all to get to that one very special place

What if I’ve been wrong?  What if I’ve had it all along?

The uphill battle I’m fighting for has been behind me for years and years


Oh, go ahead and drag me down, see what good will come of that

Oh go ahead and say I’m wrong, I’ll fight harder to prove I’m right

Just when you thought you’d seen the last of me I came back up to say, “it’s me”


Daily little things add up yea we all go through it, well making sure that what I’m doing proves

I’ve got these vices, haven’t we all? So far they haven’t made me fail.

Stop on the way to see the alternative life in the bad lands can’t be certain

A dark and dry place no one wants to be, yet millions of us stuck there dying to be free.

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