Giving Up – #OneHourSong

No, this is not really a personal story about giving up.  If you know me or follow my social media at all, you would know that I am an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan.  I spent this past weekend in St. Louis watching a game, which I unfortunately was unable to celebrate.  As I was on my way home to write this #OneHourSong I listened to the KMOX radio broadcast in pain as the Cardinals were defeated by the Kansas City Royals.

Although I have been practicing the Stoic philosophy recently, blown saves and errors are things that I still negatively react to (even though I’m well aware I have zero control over what happens on the field of Busch Stadium).  Take a listen, and see if you’ve ever felt similarly about a team you follow…Let me know 🙂


Giving Up

The inability to shut the door just like we’ve done many times before

Flames are thrown just around the crook so many times they froze with a look

All around the horn it goes again just to see another lost one from the pen

Slow walks just ain’t enough they’ve seen all of our stuff – but can’t we just agree?

The fire and the flames are incredible from the top but in the middle of the pack we just can’t seem to stop

From number one to three or four, ain’t the kind of thing we’ve seen before

We know it’s got to stop – giving up

Once the lead was there it stayed and always fair

Sure you let some go, but never quite like so

So please from a modest point of view, a spectator who has affection for you

Put up your best shot, don’t blow a lot – get out there and win

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