Won’t Be Me – #OneHourSong

Ooooohooo hooo hoo, this one was fun!  I laid down a 12 bar blues progression and went at it.  No real structure or chorus, but a lot of fun falsetto bits.  Funnily enough there was no “oh crap” moment of not having a song.  I told myself going into this week that I should just go into the song with a playful, light focus.  I’m glad I did because this was a fun song to record.


These are the lyrics that I wrote – but if you listen to the song I did a lot of improvising 🙂

Ain’t no use in permanent structures she said

They all come a tumblin down

No matter what price you pay or bricks you lay

They all come a tumblin down


So hey, what’s the use of tryin, we all give a little sometimes

And you, you, with the debt we pay into

What do we got to do, what do we got to do?


Sometimes its money, other times its love

Often times its the time you waste

Payin it all forward


But no-no-no-no it won’t be me

I won’t be the one you come runnin to

But no-no-no-no you can finally

Be a scholar and not the fool


Ain’t no such thing as love or wars

A man came and told me

No matter how far or deep you go

The same man told to me

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