We’re Here – #OneHourSong

I didn’t set a clock for this one.  Sorry, I broke my rule for the One Hour Song and took a little bit longer.  I walked into my apartment from the grocery store and the first line of the song popped into my head, “Of all the good I put nothing seems to lead me back to…” and I knew I had to write it down.  My bag dropped to the floor while I scribbled out the first few lines and hummed a melody along with it.

Part of me wanted to just keep it as a song to publish later and then start an official One Hour Song with the clock and all – but I was too excited to put this down and get a demo of the song.

Part Green Day “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” (sorry, the melody is kind of similar, don’t sue me please :-p) and part Led Zeppelin “Stairway to Heaven” (stick it out until the end) you’ll love this mysterious power ballad.


We’re Here

Of all the good I put nothing seems to lead me back to

The road of paying off the foils and troubles we come into

All that life can lead sends troubles out along the edges

But the stains we see is the blood left on the ledges

Oh, there’s nothing to go back on, can’t you see?

Oh, the only road leads cautiously

to a place I don’t wanna go but I know that we’ve got to show

And if we show – at least we’re here

Sometimes I walk into the trap I think I fixed myself

To break into the wall that won’t take me off this shelf

But thats where I yearn to be in 15 months or so

Lit up elegantly with the people out in front who go

You and me we say nothing could be better than right now

While the skeptics pray a slow and painful death, but how?

Something easy comes to me when I hear it in my dreams

Nothing you can say to me can make me feel alive

But the road that I walk into so astray, nor true

Only when we want to see –

At least we’re here.


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