Keep Our Lovin True – #OneHourSong

Oh, God.  I did my second Facebook Live for the entirety of the hour…not only did I decide to try a new way to write a song and invite people to give live input on instrumentation – but my computer decided to crash wiping out about five minutes of work (I added them on to the end…so, #OneHourFiveMinuteSong this week?).  I only lost a little bit of work, thank you ProTools for backing up everything ALL THE TIME!

I decided to try a new method of songwriting where you just babble or scat over some chords you lay down and come up with a melody.  Once you come up with a melody you are supposed to create works that match the rhythm of your ramblings.  I should have known doing this on Facebook Live would be very intimidating – but it worked.  Many moments I didn’t think I’d have anything – but a pretty cool song came out of it.  I had a few drum track problems, the Beatles song, “Rain”, has a few meter changes which I didn’t register at first, so it took me a few minutes to figure out where the downbeat was.  I also didn’t have any lyrics for the song until about 40 minutes in.  Writing this way feels very authentic, but very frightening.  But that’s good.  That’s why I’m doing this project in the first place!

Thank you to everyone who suggested an instrument, but Stephanie’s idea of an oboe won this time.  Check back next week for a new way to participate!


Keep Our Lovin True

You see the stars shine so bright at night but nothing compares to the light in your eyes

Your smile as bright as the morning sun can’t hold me down when you are around

But you see all this love coming your way ,what can I do to make you stay

When the rain falls and we are sad again, what will be the saving grace to pull us through?

When no sun shines for me and you…how will we keep our lovin true?

When the sun goes down and I hold you tight, how will we know when it feels so right?

Could it be the love you know is right here waiting for the perfect time to say it’s so?

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