Day to Day – #OneHourSong

Imagine Beck taking a stab at Bohemian Rhapsody…This is what you get.  Not going to lie, I definitely used a Bohemian Rhapsody-esque form for the song, (free intro, ballad, classical spot, rock hard, free outro) but that’s probably about all you’ll get from BoRhap from this song.

I listened to Beck’s song, Up All Night, and it put me in a more experimental mood this week.  Take that and 0 dividends to a lot of work put in on a few things gave me some lyrics that are bold and spicy.

I knew going in to tonight’s song that I wanted it to be free with a lot of sections, so the drums were an after thought (sorry, they were added even after the hour – MY BAD!)

What do you think?  Let me know!  I’d love to hear from you 🙂


Day to Day

Don’t make the noise from silence so dark

You’ll never get anywhere with those ideas

Nothing you’re doing can work in my head

And these are the stories all told to me

You’re right when you’re wrong you can’t understand

No one wants to hear the vision so clear

These stories are fantasy, they can never be planned

Add on and on and the knife cuts away for the fear

Oh, there is no such thing as luck here where we are

With a blade in my teeth I still never go far

The wind has flown out of the sail

Oh, what has love got to do in these dirty games?

More people you want, more people I gave in shame

You got what you wanted I’m sure.

But low and behold these storms mean nothing to you

How could success and money even come true?

I work night and day and its never enough

The noise is called noisy, yet no one calls the bluff

From silence awakens the inner champion

For we fight to the end until we win

From the silence to noise to gold it must turn

Until then I’m afraid I’ll just burn

Burn in the fire and burn in the flames

From the ruckus thats caused for taking the blame

Of trying too hard never getting that far

But I sit and I try day to day.

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