Same/Change – #OneHourSong

Think of a darker version of Billy Joel’s “Big Shot” and you may have a background from where this came from.  Imagine people in charge of finances messing up finances and you may understand some nuances in the lyrics.  This morning I listened to Seth Godin’s new podcast, Akimbo.  One listener called in and asked him what happens if we put things out and they’re not good enough for people to pay attention to later when we do have something good.  He played a demo of Billy Joel’s.  Obviously, Billy has gotten much better since that demo.  The fear of putting things out that aren’t good enough and people writing it off has been a staple of this project.  But consistency is key.  At some point, the red negative numbers will turn to black and positivity will abound.



You got my back wherever you go, but darlin it ain’t provin to be so

Nothing you’ve done has changed your ways

Three lines more shouldn’t be zero, you’re adding so wrong I have to say no

That’s the voice you use when it says

Whats right is wrong and high is low, concepts you can’t bear to know

Showing your slight but now it pays

The cards your dealt you never show, we could all help but your always throw

The knife to the rope thats already frayed

Oh, things all stay the same, regardless of the price you pay

Oh, nothing needs to change if you’re living a closed off life

Don’t fix mistakes or reap what you sow, the red in the numbers dying to show

All your thoughts they’ve got played

Fear is a monger we all know, but the battle is won through a show

How can you still not be dismayed

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