Give Us More – #OneHourSong

Since today (2/14/18) is Valentine’s Day, I borrowed Sara Bareilles’ drum track from “Love Song”.  No.  It’s not a love song in the sense of Valentine’s Day love :-p.  More of a fan loving an artist.  Although the lyrics (which from now on I’ll also insert into these blog posts) were written imagining myself as the artist, I also wrote it from the standpoint of me being a music fan and being in awe when I go to see a concert.

Technology wise I was worried today, because my computer kept reminding me I was running out of RAM while I was recording…but I pushed through, and I’m glad I did.  I feel like the chorus could be used for a song at some point.  What are your thoughts?  What band do you drop everything to see and feel the way this crowd does in the song?



I close my eyes to dream and think of what could be

Sometimes life isn’t as it seems, but I open up to see

The lights are shining down on us, the crowd is screaming so loud

Nothing could feel better than hearing the place go nuts

All eyes are honing in on me so tight no where can we escape

We wouldn’t dare put up a fight like that, the place is a party never seen before

Give us more, give us more, the crowd begins to say

Pushing and clawing up toward the stage, give us more

Fantasy and reality are blurred between the lines everything I’d wanted is awake in my mind

Now I see it clearly oh so vividly, nothing else will even matter more to me

The canons blow and confetti fires, fireworks so close they hurt your eyes

Nothing thats seen before has come quite this close

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