Feeling the Sunshine – #OneHourSong

The night before writing this I went to a music business discussion panel and one of the panelists mentioned songs about sunshine. I couldn’t stop the thought all night or day…I listened to Good Day Sunshine by the Beatles and Walking on Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves plus a few other sunshine songs, so as is typically true with creativity – what was on my mind came through in this song.

I really studied the lyrics to Can’t Stop the Feeling, Good Day Sunshine and Walking on Sunshine for this song before I started.  The funny thing about the Beatles and Katrina and the Waves is that their songs both use “I” (“I used to…I never”).  So that played a huge impact on my lyrics.  “I never thought that life could be so good”.

I had a few other lyrics in the chorus, but I couldn’t fit them in with my main idea (“feeling the sunshine”) without it sounding to cliche.  The suspended note on sunshine is absolutely a tribute to the Beatles (in case you were wondering ;))

Thanks for listening, and if you enjoy, please share with someone who may enjoy this!  That’s what keeps this project going!

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