The Song Playing in His Head – #OneHourSong

Today I found out that Sir Elton John would be going on his final tour and my hometown, Peoria, Illinois was one of his stops.  I was elated, so I did what any good millennial musician would do, I tweeted to Sir Elton himself and asked if I could be his opening act (hey, why not?)!  Right before I sat down to write the #OneHourSong today, my phone told me that Elton John had liked one of my tweets.


Nah, just a fan account that happens to use his name.  But still.  That put me in the mindset to use a piano centric Elton-esque drive for the song.  The lyrics take images from my childhood and early performances (not wanting to go to piano lessons, pushing a piano on the stage all by myself, a microphone not being turned on when I start to sing…the list goes on) and meld them together with Elton John’s legacy.

The drum track is from fun.’s song, “Some Nights”, which really helped me keep a drive to the lyrics that I don’t normally do.  I hope you enjoy, please feel free to share with your friends and loved ones if you enjoy 🙂


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