Put Them in the Streets – #OneHourSong


In this week’s #OneHourSong I used my recording software to make a drum beat for me.  This inspired me a little bit to change up how I write the songs.  I didn’t lay down a piano track at all, instead I just did a long sustained bass line through most of the song.  Once I had the bass line down I did several takes to try to come up with a good melody for the lyrics I had written.

I have recently launched a new project and with the love I’m also getting some hate – which is a good thing, really.  But this song is my answer to them.  The chorus lyrics deal with taking a creation you’ve been working on and actually putting it into the world for people to see/hear/taste/however your creation may be consumed.

Enjoy, and if you are into this song or this project, please tell a friend!  Share on facebook or e-mail, it helps keep this project going forward!

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