Peaceful Misery – #OneHourSong


In the 13th edition of the #OneHourSong I get a little pensive and look at the more simplistic aspects of relationships. It’s not always grandiose and romantic, but sometimes we (whether with others, art or ideas) can take a step back and look at the simple things that aren’t always vying for our attention.

In an abrupt shift from the 12th #OneHourSong, I went with no drum track at all.  The drum track used was far too specific to its original song, Fat Bottomed Girls, so I wanted to let myself flow creatively this time with no structure necessary.  It actually turned into a very structured song, most sections being 8 measures each.  The words that were entering my mind made me think simplistic and realistic, neither glorifying nor demeaning these two characters relationships, rather telling of the peaceful misery we all find ourselves in throughout day to day life.

What do you think?  How do you see the songs characters?  What are your thoughts on the vocal and piano?  Also notice that the lyrics “peaceful misery” are only mentioned once in the song, as opposed to many times in a chorus.  You’ll find some fun things I was able to accomplish with four minutes remaining in the challenge 🙂

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